Design and Inspiration is every where.

We had snow today.  Not much color but many different shades of Gray, Brown (trees) white and I’m sure if we weren’t running to our cars, I’d have noticed many more.

Tonight while the laundry was going, a puddle below the washer emerged onto the cement floor.  Different shades of gray, some mixed with dirt.  Cardboard that got wet and mashed looked like something the dog left behind.  eewwww.

Tonight I have to pack for a trip to  my favorite place -WDW.  I know what will be in my suitcase.  The colors will be mostly Black or purple.  It’s easy for me to dress that way.  Less matching, I can show my style with a purse.  Besides, it’s slimming.  So I will inspect the puddle, dry my black clothes and hope the dark circle under the washer, changes to a lighter shade of gray.

It’s amazing that my quilts are so colorful, I must put all my color into them and not onto ME.


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